Slate from Magog - you can trust our quality

In the last 150 years we have accumulated experience and knowledge about slate, so that we're definitely a good partner for you. In Bad Fredeburg is one of the largest slate deposits in Germany, so we are happy to present you our Fredeburger Schiefer® of the highest quality. Our slate extraction is also impressive with its excellent ecological balance.

Valuable and natural materials such as slate are always popular in architecture as they combine the past with the future and aesthetics with functionality. Therefore, the slate is more popular than ever. Our slate offers an excellent price / performance level and a wide range of covering types.

You can use the roof slate with the Old German covering, shingle covering, wild covering, as well as for rectangular double covering and so much more. But not only in the slate roof covering, also in the front covering and interior or outside, such as slate stair steps, tables, window sills and other accessories. The slate tiles for the bathroom, kitchen or living room are also very popular. Slate tiles are perfect for laying on underfloor heating systems, because slate stores and transfers heat. Simply choose the suitable slate tile or slate plate for your desired area and we will gladly advise you further.

MAGOG Innovation - veneer VENEO SLATE®

Slate has been used for generations as a natural construction material for protecting roofs and facades. Constructors, architects and landscape designers rely on slate to provide unmistakable highlights indoors or out. The living structure and uniqueness of every single stone lends objects an individual character. Slate is timeless, harmonizes with other materials, and goes with all architectural styles.

Stone completely different

With VENEO SLATE®, we are now making slate flexible. As a composite with a thin backing layer, the natural stone turns into a unique material with completely new application options: slate veneer.

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All about slate

Slate was formed from weathered ancient rock, processed by erosive primeval rivers, deposited at great depths of water, and compressed under exceptionally high water pressure and even higher rock pressures. Here you'll find innovations in coverings with Fredeburger Schiefer® or MaSpana Schiefer®, suggestions and examples...

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Our Company - Schiefergruben Magog

Magog is a successful mining, production and service company with a medium-scale emphasis. As one of the key producers of slate in Germany, Magog offers the following product groups:

  • Fredeburger Schiefer®
    • roof and walls slate,
    • natural stone for indoors and outside
  • MaSpana-Schiefer®
    • roof and walls slate
  • opticolour®
    • roof and walls slate in colour
    • natural stone in various different colours
  • optibrasil®
    • natural stone for indoors
  • optidäm®
    • optidäm® over-rafter insulation
    • optiroll® underlay membranes


Slate convinced

We have a lot of opportunities to use this excellent slate "made in Germany" - you can decide, where you want to use it, there aren't any limits. Maybe for your roof or front? You could also look in our online store, you'll find a lot of different slate products, for example slate tiles or slate plates and so much more. We hope you enjoy our variety of products!